October 26, 2017: Huntsville Fairtax Meeting


Reminder of the date, place and time for this month's meeting.


Date:      October 26, 2017

Place:      Zeriss Realty, LLC

               2225 Drake Avenue

               Suite 14

               Huntsville, AL 35805

Time:       6pm


Fellow FairTaxers!


"Tax reform" is is all the rage, these days.  We keep looking for real tax reform but cannot find it in the so called income tax cuts being discussed hither and yon.  Just cannot fathom how tinkering here, tinkering there and reassigning the winners and losers can be construed as "tax reform!"  If you were cognizant of income taxes in 1986 or have a working knowledge of the 1986 Tax Reform Act, you should realize that today's "tax reform" is just a reboot of that Act, doomed to be just as bad ten-to-twenty years in the future.  In other words, at that time our children and grandchildren will be hearing politicians promising "tax reform" to fix the broken income tax system!  The real problem is that any "tax cuts" are simply a way for Congress and the Swamp to divert attention away from their unwillingness to confront and handle the income/payroll tax disaster and hope all of us go back to sleep.  And, they aren't even addressing the $690 billion being lost to tax evasion each year, a sum that - if collected - could easily wipe out the debt over several years.  The only real tax reform being offered is the FAIRtax, which inherently fixes all the problems politicians are agonizing over with their talk of how "tax cuts" are going to fix the income tax system. 

It's time to get serious about passing the FAIRtax!  With the flip flopping in congress regarding "tax reform," a full court press is required to make our leaders understand that tinkering with the income tax is a loser.  With tax compliance costs attached to the income tax, almost $700 billion per year lost to tax evasion and over $125 billion per year wasted making tax related business decisions, the time to act is now.  Also, those hundreds of loopholes managed by the corrupt IRS require our efforts to be increased to get it through to the House and Senate leadership that it will not bode well for them if they don't enact real tax reform, the FAIRtax.  The "reform" being currently discussed is just kicking the can down the road.  So come to the meeting and learn what is in the works to raise awareness of the FAIRtax.  There'll also be an update on The Alabama Economic Freedom Act (AEFA)!

Rex Reynolds is running for the district 21 state house seat recently held by Jim Patterson.  He and Steve Rousseau, candidate for the district 6 state house seat being vacated by Phil Williams, will be our guest speakers this month.  Come learn Their plans for house districts 6 and 21 in the next legislative quadrennium.  

Memorial: Rep. Jim Patterson was a friend of the Huntsville FairTax Group.  When we needed funding for the study to determine the tax rate for the AEFA, he came through for us to make sure the effort was accomplished.  He was also poised to help get the bill through the House once it was introduced.  We enjoyed working with Jim and already miss his conviviality.  May he rest in peace.

See you on October 26th!  Make sure you come and bring friends!