March 23, 2017: Huntsville FairTax® Meeting

FairTaxers!  It's time for our next meeting!

Date:     March 23, 2017

Place:    Zeriss Realty, LLC

              2225 Drake Avenue

              Suite 14

              Huntsville, AL 35805

Time:     6pm


Let's gather on Thursday to work toward getting the FAIRtax® passed by the U.S. Congress and the Alabama Economic Freedom Act (AEFA) passed by the Alabama legislature.  We’ll update everyone on the progress of the FAIRtax® and update progress on the AEFA with a Q&A session. We'll especially discuss income tax evasion and its major impact on any form of income tax.

By now, you should be informing friends and family across the state that the AEFA is coming.  If not, we'll ask "why not?"  The usual “characters” will push back on our efforts due to their ignorance of what we’re trying to accomplish, their advantages over others using the income/sales tax system, their erroneous thinking that they will be “losing their deductions”, etc.  We have to educate everyone on the bill to make it easier to pass.  One thing everyone on this list can do is tell everyone you know what the bill is really about.  Talk to your Representatives and tell them to contact Rep. Mike Holmes and become a cosigner.  You can now tell your friends to contact and thank Senator Bill Hightower who will carry the bill in the Senate.  Contact your own Senator and ask him/her to cosign in the Senate.  Also, you can let Sen. Del Marsh know you want the AEFA passed and that he needs to support Senator Hightower in his efforts to pass the bill.

One thing of total importance to our efforts is educating the general legislative population.  So far, we have printed the booklets used for this task using our personal printer and binders.  It's getting too expensive for us.  We need to print and bind about 200 copies of the brochure to hand to legislators and their staffs within the next month. Please give prayerful consideration to contributing as much as $25 if you possibly can.  Kinko's is the printer of choice and will cost "just a little" more than we can afford.  If you are able and wish to help, use the Donate page at and help us educate our legislators about The Alabama Economic Freedom Act.  These funds go to our non-profit organization, Fair Taxation For America Education Association, and donations for this effort are tax deductible.  If you donate, send me an email with donation date, time and amount to ensure you receive a receipt.

Bring friends and your thinking cap to the meeting Thursday evening so we can get this AEFA ball rolling during this year’s legislative session!  See you there!”

Best regards,

Mary Lynn and Chuck Bailey