February 22, 2018: Huntsville FairTax Monthly Meeting


Reminder of the date, place and time for this month's meeting.

Date:     February 22, 2018

Place:    Zeriss Realty, LLC

               2225 Drake Avenue

               Suite 14

               [near Huntsville Senior Center, across street from Fire Station No. (6)]

               Huntsville, AL 35805

Time:     6pm

Fellow FairTaxers!

It’s time to continue our effort to “Pass the FAIRtax!”  “Tax cuts” have occurred but, the income tax still exists, the IRS still has sway over paychecks, corporate and payroll taxes remain, high tax compliance costs still plague gainfully employed Americans, tax evasion will still cost other taxpayers $600+ billion a year and April 15th will still be known as “tax day.”  The “tax reform” does help, but it still is overshadowed by the more appropriate FAIRtax.  Let’s look at how this round of tax cuts can help us move toward enactment of the FAIRtax.  All hands on board! It takes more than a couple of stalwarts to keep the FAIRtax Train rolling!

Last month, the FAIRtax USA (Member.fairtax.org) developer, Kyle Clark, conducted a “Go to Meeting” webinar to show the capabilities of the new online community site.  This new site affords us a “Uuge” capability to communicate, coordinate, and conduct all types of activity to move the proposal forward.  The only thing missing at this time is every one of you being signed up and using the site.  Here are the major capabilities available:

  • An internal social media feed that allows members to communicate and share graphics, ideas, and strategy
  • Member groups for each state, where state activism and strategy can be planned and discussed
  • States can set up individual groups for each Congressional District, allowing a level of activism our organization has never had before
  • Calendars to share events of interest, whether just to members of a specific locality or nationwide
  • Blogs to share important news stories, opinion pieces, and sample letters to the editor for newspaper and online submission
  • Forums to share information, strategy, and graphics/memes for online use
  • Volunteer training and certification
  • A new database to keep better track of our supporters, allowing better communication
  • Involvement in special projects
  • An Idea Box to submit suggestions on strategy (or anything else) to the AFFT Board of Directors
  • And lots more…

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. We’re organizing, we’re mobilizing, and we need you to join us on the ground floor. Add your voice to the chorus and let’s make taxation fair again with FAIRtax.  Get yourself signed up at FAIRtax USA (Member.fairtax.org) and let’s get this done!

Our speaker this month is Charles Orr.  He recently qualified as a candidate for the 10th State House District in the June 5th primary.  Come and hear why Charles has decided to run for state office.  Maybe we can ask if he supports our effort to enact The Alabama Economic Freedom Act.

See you on February 22th!  Make sure you come and bring friends!