AFFT® Membership Drive Challenge


We need America's Big Solution - The FAIRtax!

Please accept our Membership challenge and convince ten people to become members.  Then convince each of them to sign up ten more. Help us keep up the momentum with our membership drive.  The more we sign up, the more we can influence our congressional delegation and finally, we as a State organization receive almost half of the funds received from our residents for membership.

Major Tax Reform is coming to Washington, DC.  If you agree that FAIRtax is a Big Solution for America, please help GROW the FAIRtax movement by getting your Family, Friends & Neighbors CONNECTED through Email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

 Please add my name to the growing list of FAIRtax Supporters.

Help fund our volunteers in their efforts to educate our fellow Americans on the FAIRtax.  It will take all of us to enact the FAIRtax into law.

BUILD a FAIRtax VoterTree, Grow the FAIRtax movement, and HELP PASS the FAIRtax!